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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what led to the standout on last holdout for the refugees j the best known natural foods supermarket. >> we begin with local breaking news from brown county where a standoff for the fugitive has ended. >> the 33-year-old was arrested in a home in state route 251, outside fayetteville just after 4:00 in the afternoon. he was found hiding in a couch. no one was hurt. hole is accused of hitting a montgomery sheriff deputy cruiser, narrowly missing the deputy. shots were fired at hall but he managed to get away. we look at the scene, coming at 5:30. and trial date for what promises to be one of the most emotional and high-profile cases
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ray tensing. >> and local 12, jeff hirsh joins us in the newsroom with more on the timing. jeff. >> to veteran courtroom observers, long lost trial that is not unusual. seen a lot of the case. and for friends of sam dubose, it seems like forever. trial setting is not necessarily a defending event. defendant doesn't have to show up and former uc officer, indicted for murder and voluntary manslaughter was not here today. this is a trial setting for a high-profile case, with a shooting of charles dubose. and tensing pulled dubose over for a traffic stop. >> tensing has pleaded not guilty. he said he was being dragged by debows's car. the video shows otherwise. attorneys for both sides met before closed doors, with shanahan and agreed to a trial
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>> after discussing the chambers and dealing with multiple experts scheduling, my understanding, he agreed upon is that correct? >> that's correct. >> the trial date is 15 months after the shooting. sam dubose's fiancee calls that racism. >> justice has to be served, sooner or later. they are pushing it, pushing it. this procedure, if the roles were reversed, dubose wouldn't be available right now. this is where we are at, with the space we're in. >> and as i said, long trial dates for high-profile, big controversy cases were not out of the ordinary tracy hunter trial didn't start after the juvenile court judge was indicted. spokesperson with the prosecutor's case, is complex. a lot of expert cases whose time -- and same thing, lots of
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expert witnesses may not be available during the summer. as for the witnesses during the trial, document filed by tensing's lawyer, the defense tends to call among others, uc president, and hamilton county prosecutor. >> and uc fired tensing after the shooting. they settled the lawsuit, filed by the dubose family for nearly $5 million and free tuition for dubose's three children at uc. running heater helped keep a 6-month old baby alive after her mother was shot to death in the front seat. they don't know how long brittany and her daughter haven were in the car in the apartment complex parking lot in dayton, ohio. they found her slumped in the steering while around 9:30 in the morning. detectives say she was shot several times in the head.
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tuesday. you'll hear why friends say russel's life was in a downward spiral. that's new live tonight at 6:00. state highway, after a deadly morning crash. tractor trailer and pick up truck collided around 5:00, at kentucky 17 and southern canton county near the pendleton county line. the driver of the pick up died. the police haven't released his name. officers say someone living nearby tried to save him but couldn't because of the flames. two people face animal cruelty charges on what a local sheriff calls the worst cases of neglect he's seen. someone who lives in reflection point. and it had a collar and tag. a woman named katie smuck. she told investigators, she left the dog in the care of her friend, for a week.
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times but didn't ever let it out of the cage. both admit, the dog hadn't eaten for about three weeks. it looks like you won't have to pay a tax to keep the hamilton 911 dispatch running. they counted against the opposing tax. it would have added $2 a month to the average utility bill. communities are charge add fee for every call to 911. and some have been promoting lower emergency numbers to lower the amount they pay. and the sunshine helped to melt some of the snow. >> it was kind of nice. >> another round on the way. here's erica with a first look at the forecast with no wake weather. >> we're going to continue to see mostly clear skies in the evening. we will soak in a, a little bit of sun. cold temperatures are here to stay. looking live at cut-in-hill where we have a snow-free commute. i'm happy to say.
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that's good for the windchill factor. we won't have one throughout the night, even though we are going to be very cold. few flurries, mainly north of the local 12 viewing area. the air is so dry here at the surface, anything that's falling wasn't surviving the dissent from the clouds to the ground. we'll see mostly clear skies. especially cincinnati. more clouds to the north and northeast of cincinnati. those will continue to move northeast. we will have more clouds with the next system on the way. the clouds will increase later tonight. temperatures around 25 in cincinnati. 25 in hamilton as well. 24 for batavia. we fall to the 20s and into the teens tonight. we'll talk about when snow arrived, how cold we get.
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and that includes david frye, who is from blanchester. the fbi negotiated at length. and they took over the headquarters of the refuge >> new reports, kroger could buy a superintendent chain. the locally-based, are to acquire fresh markets at auction. >> and bengals player loses the fight over his suspension. they appealed the three game suspension, they can start the season. and the punishment was for the repeated safety violations, culminating with a hit to the head with steelers wide receiver, in the wild crowd round.
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nfl commissioner roger goodell. they talked about the linebacker's behavior and steps.
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pump and how >> cincinnati street car tractor about to get reaction. flatbed tractor trailer, delivered the third vehicle, to the maintenance and operation facility in over the rind. first two street cars arrived in november. fourth car should arrive by the end of february. the final one some time in march. travelers are shelling out less money on transportation tickets. the average price is $372. expansion of the lower cost airlines and falling jet fuel costs are a big driver of the change. lower gasoline prices, will stay the average u.s. hold, hold $3.50 this year. it forecast the average price for a full year for $1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest full year average since 2009.
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to peak at 2.08, from june to august and fall again. you know, about predictions. they are never right. today's local average for regular gasoline, $1.39. here's the prices reported to the local 12 news, pump patrol. megan on the facebook page, posted $1.27. patty saw 1.37. colleen posted 1.42, at the thornton's on dixie highway on edgewood. if you see cheaper prices post them on the facebook page. we'll put them on tv. looking for answers. what led to a standoff in a restaurant that ended with the death of two sheriff's deputies.
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ahead at 5:30. >> we're learning a lot more about the shoot-out. >> and the two men are being held as heroes. >> and this one has hit us hard. >> the sheriff of hartford county was shaken as he talked about two veteran deputies gunned down in a panera restaurant.
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>> deputy daley, first to arrive at the scene --. >> authorities say david evans shot deputy daley in the head, after daley shot in the table and asked how he was doing. >> deputy, pat daley, never unholstered, never had a chance to respond. >> deputy, as he approached the suspect's car after the shooting. >> mark was able to return fire. other deputies open fire on the suspect and killed him. >> evans had warrants for his arrest. son described him as heavy drinkers. his mother called police from the restaurant, she believes evans was there to hurt her. >> people in the community are leaving flowers. and panera says it will remain closed out of respect from the deputies. marisa put flowers. >> we're eternally grateful. >> they worked with the deputy
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>> did he inspire you. >> he did inspire me. he's opened my eyes to become even more. >> mark albert for cbs news, aberton maryland. >> the sheriff says he doesn't think evans was targeting law enforcement officers. he didn't want to face arrest. >>nd a federal inspectors are looking over the damage to the royal caribbean cruise ship. and the anthem of the seas, with thousands of passengers on board, returned to his home port in new jersey following the nightmare trip. the 200 thousand liner sailed for the bahamas in the weekend, but it was battered by hurricane forced winds. royal caribbean, it's reviewing policies to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. if it passes inspection, the ship is expected to head to the next voyage in the weekend. >> republican candidates turned
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for republicans, it was about south carolina. florida senator, marco rubio told the crowd in myrtle beach, he favored a more respectful tone. >> and if you like me, get me a vote and call on the phone and call a bunch of other people. >> and hillary clinton, bernie sanders will face-off in another debate tonight at the university of wisconsin. and we'll bring you the highlights on local 12 news at 11:00. we get a break from the snow. it was chilly. >> it was very cold. we're going to continue to see colder air working for the weekend. arctic front brings arctic air. we'll see the temperatures dip into the single digits. windchill values will dip down to zero. tonight, winds will calm down as high pressure keeps the winds
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taking a look outside, where it lasts, tomorrow, the clouds will move back in and so will the chances for snow showers. we'll continue to watch, mostly clear to partly cloudy clouds. and if you live in laces like lebanon and wilmington, you know what i'm talking about. this is a live look and it's a beautiful shot with the sun, beaming down on downtown cincinnati. we'll continue to have a dry forecast for this evening. if you have dinner plans, don't worry about the snow. you'll probably want to bundle up. couple of lay, good idea. temperatures fall in the 20s tonight and into the teens. you could see the area of cloudiness and area of flurries, mainly in columbus. area is very dry and will continue to see a weak area of high pressure, will keep us dry tonight. however, to the north and west, the next system. and even in, even to the north, will be an area of low pressure that brings that front. this system, going to slide right down to the south and east
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into southern indiana. we may get some of the moisture and snow showers, with some lift early tomorrow morning, especially cincinnati around south and west, not looking at the huge amount of accumulation. the arctic front brings more moisture later tomorrow. that's when we will find issues in the roadways. we will be cold enough, anything that falls will stick to the roads. temperatures right now are well below freezing. and 24 for alexandria. upper 20s for fayetteville. and we're checking in around 25 airport. tonight's forecast, it looks like this. temperatures around 19 degrees by 8. the windchill factor won't be too low. it will be pretty cold. mostly clear skies, throughout most of the evening hours. temperatures will fall to the mid-teens by 11:00. you could see winds out of the west around 1-5 miles an hour. not as breezy as what we're
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days. the next 24-48 hours, looking like this. by the time you get to 11:00, partly cloudy skies. if you move after midnight, that's when we start to cloud up. i expect mostly cloudy skies. i expect few peaks here and there. we will have warmer air moving in. that will provide some lift for early tomorrow morning. places especially cincinnati, south and west, you may find themselves, seeing few flurries and areas of snow showers. this is 5:00 evening for the commute. tomorrow night, we will see the front bring more moisture in the form of scattered and sporadic snow showers. we're looking at the potential for lower visibility as well, as light accumulation in the roadways. please be careful. we'll keep the slight chance for tomorrow morning. 24 at noon, 24 for a high with better chances for the afternoon
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here's the road conditions forecast. tonight, many of the roads still great. saturday, we're looking at slick conditions and some snowy conditions in a few places. we dip only to the teens for saturday afternoon. that's going to be a really cold start. we'll see the chance for more scattered shower activity, in lake michigan. sunday, the bigger system is in sunday night into monday. now models are kind of wanting to bring more rain mixed with the snow. monday and tuesday, we'll primarily see snow right now. a few chances of rain will mix in, especially monday afternoon. >> saturday, the high is 17. >> saturday, the high is 17. that's when the wind will start off. >> thanks, erica. >> changes the way screeners are changed after a screen of embarrassing public mistakes.
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may be the . >> if you have ticket toss see barry manilow, he's not coming. he cancelled his show in northern kentucky university. he was rushed to l.a. after a concert back in memphis, apparently had complications from emergency oral surgery on monday.
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will be announced so keep your ticket. hope he's okay. >> agency is training all the new airport screeners at one centralized academy. the training academy is in in glenco, georgia. the academy opened in january as the tsa tries to recover from a series of high-profile embarrassments, including two officers fired for globing passengers in denver. and why -- how screeners planned for 60 of the 67 tests. the new trainers who will be trained here, is personal. she was a flight pan am passenger, and was a few feet away with ra bomb went off on board.
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>> when i talk to my class, you are not here by accident. i was not there by accident. that threat in 1992, is, is today's threat still. . they have to pass practical equipment. they plan to have all active screeners through the program in the next several years. sharing is caring. netflix questioned 18-39-year-old. 51 percent say sharing a netflix account with their partners was a big step towards a serious ripship. nearly a third, 27 percent, said liking the same show is very important for couples. >> coming at 5:30, early arrival. the story her newborn baby and her parents will be able to tell, about the day she's born.
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wonderful wolves, is now helping with one of the national. and after getting stuck in one of these.
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over this fall, >> good evening, a man is under arrest following the standoff. michael hall may be taken into custody. >> they are accused of hitting a cruiser. brad underwood, with the new information. >> and hi brad, this is the house where the standoff occurs.
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the last couple of hours. and more than 40 law enforcement vehicles, that were out here as well as swat vehicles, earlier, attempted to get michael hall out of the home and as you mentioned, this started, earlier in the day, all accused of narrowly missing deputy, hitting the deputy's cruiser, taking off. there were shots fired as he fled. . >> they blocked access roads to the point, so the police could do their job and not too long ago, we were talking with one of the neighbors, alyssa bachman, would lives next door. she said she didn't know anything that's going on, until
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>> and caught surrounding, my place included. with swat up there and everything, please michael hall, come out of your home. if you come out and follow you. >> and hall did come out, and according to the trooper, spoke with earlier, there was no incidents. he did come out quietly so to speak. inside the house, a loaded gun was recovered by deputies here. brown county sheriff deputy. we're told hall was found inside, inside the home, inside a couch, when police were finally able to locate him and bring him out. live in fayetteville, brad underwood, local 12 news. >> and they are about 6 years old. numbers are starting to wear
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>> >>. >> local 12, joe webb, joins us with dayton, with the rest of the story. >> and bullet holes, stitched together from years of tear. and there's a reason they are
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>> and new uniforms. athletic department, they are offset for them. trying to alleviate for that >> boosters come up with a plan, approved by the school district >> go fund me page and support. >> murphy launched the go fund me effort last night. she has two sons who play the blue devils. >> and like i said, a lot of wear and tear >> and for the boys last season. they are great outstanding group of kids. it. and they have. >> dayton charges no fees to play sports.
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and away uniforms. >> and way up in the 46 up in about ten hours. community is reaching out. >> brad, to help the purchase, 50 new uniforms. boosters help people watching, contribute and gracious donor will come to their aid. they are facing a may deadline. get the money this time for may. they will have new uniforms when they take the field. dayton kentucky, joe webb, local 12. >> sales tax revenues are growing. new develop ams at the banks are coming on line.
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deal with the 4.billion dollars impact. and equal manziel, building 8 new paul brown stadiums. as a result, sewer rates. and manziel says changes are needed. >> we own it. whose going to operate it. we'll figure it out the next few months. that's something that will be decided quickly here. currently, the operator, city of cincinnati is not doing the job. outlandish what is happening there. and in the words of the presidential candidates, basically, telling the city we're fired. we'll move on and find someone else. they will move on to protect. >> and they should continue as the sewer district operator. >> and city of cleveland is apologizing for sending a bill from the family. the estate of tamer rice, will
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ride and medical care needed the night the 12-year-old was shot. and they are saying the money is overdue. the money says, the attorney was withdrawn. he apologized for the rice family. and police say resembled the real gun, when he was killed. governor kasich, hoping to take the momentum from the win in new hampshire and using it to sway voters in -- and he doesn't have that much money in the coughers. jeb bush, nearly three times the money. kasich, bush, rubio, all going after many the same voters and donors. republicans, go to the polls next thursday. advantage. arena toughest in the country for visiting teams. >> roadside, starts with two
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>> and this bald eagle, seeeen e >> not the ideal place to give birth. things are okay for the ohio woman. she delivered her little baby bundle. emergency dispatcher helped the couple through the birth, took
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the mother, father, taking it to the hospital. and second child to the couple, who named her new daughter, anne marie. well. >> police in florence, being looing for two men who robbed the udf store. man used the gun on dixie highway, just before 3:00 this morning. k 9 from newport was brought in to track them. the men found the dogs, they found nothing. >> and xavier sentoff center, one of the places in the country for visiting teams to get the win. they put out the list of the toughest arenas to win. and opened in campus. >> why that is? >> part of it, the quality of the teams.
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>> and still ahead, at 5:30. what happens, hans solo, and
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>> brief . >> measure that will require
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advances to the kentucky legislature. the bill to require doctors what they are seeing to the ultrasound. the bill was opposed to ob-gyn. they say they will violate the doctor-patient relationship. it gives the woman more information before she makes a decision. and one of america's current. >>nd an indiana wildlife, brought the injured bird to the wildlife sanctuary, rising son two years ago. rich jaffe got an up close exclusive view to save the bird and a whole lot more. >> the dejected eagle sat quietly in a cage, as they plotted the plans to help it.
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it got caught in rush county indiana. the bird in the bear hands, strafford explains. >> and the concern, if that is dead tissue. that will turn gangrene, which we've had in the past. all right. >> and first, the bird was force fed with a couple of mice >> that should be like a big turkey breast. will be full of muscle and fat. that is starting. >> next, the bird is formed with a warm shower to wash the bird with the feathers. soaking wet, they had a quiet dignity. moments later, it was placed in a cage to dry and heal. >> this is the beginning of mating season. if he does or she has a mate or nest already, they will find someone else or they will not breath at all this year. it means you could lose potentially three chicks this year.
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after bate, placed in a trap. as you could see, the result could be brutal. there's nothing illegal about leg hold traps, as long as they are used appropriately. unfortunately, that's not the case. this one was used to illegally trapped a great horn owl. a facility open for tools, they are open for animals, like the friendly fox named stella. and the little guy would got hit by a car around christmas soon to be released. kim was volunteering after the daughter's class came for a visit. >> feels right the animals are natural. i feel, i feel peace and happy. it's just a wonderful thing. >> these young bobcats were prrring when i went to see them. what's a visit with red wolf
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talk to his wolves. in rising sun, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> great photography there. eagles recover quickly. it will be released to the wild in two or three weeks. the sanctuary is a tax exempt non-profit, open for tours and educational visits. go to for more information. >> some awesome animal sounds there. my favorite, the eagle, the wolf and the elk. love it. we're going to continue to see some winter -like weather. stick around. the tri-state, low temperatures to date. we did see a lot of single digit readings across the board, especially north through wilmington and lebanon. mid-20s, well below the average much and we have slightly warmer air to the south. we get colder unfortunately. especially to start the weekend. we'll be topping out in the teens for saturday.
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lebanon in the lower 20s as well as wilmington. hillsborough, at 23. same for west union. in the mid to west 20s, for thalmus and mazeville. little help from the sunshine. help the temperatures gets into the mid-20s in someplaces. live from college hill atrium weather camera, sun sets 10 after 6:00 and rises about 7:34 tomorrow morning. don't worry about any snow. we will be pretty cold as the temperatures fall in the 20s and into the teens tonight. live precision doppler hd, stays quiet tonight as high pressure kind of heats us that way. we'll see mostly clear skies. we see increasing clouds especially as we get after midnight. we'll turn from mostly clear to partly cloudy skies throughout the night. area of low pressure will be inform most of the great lakes region.
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front four in the weekend. that's what will bring in the cold temperatures. in iowa, we will have the system that slips out and east. that moisture will play to the chance for a couple of snow showers tomorrow early and that front to the north bringing in additional snow showers for tomorrow evening. tonight's forecast remains snow-free. the temperatures will fall through the teens much 19 at 8:00. 18 at 9:00. winds will be around 1-5 miles an hour, so the windchill won't be as low as we had last night. in the next 48 hours, by 11:00, looking at mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. after midnight, we mr. the clouds. tomorrow morning, we are looking at mostly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. the model doesn't bring any snow. and especially cincinnati south and west tomorrow morning. as the arctic front moves to the north later in the day. we will start to see scattered
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any of these could cause lower vis ikts. like the thunderstorms, where you could get more rain out of them, with the heavier bursts of snow or snow showers, we will get heavier accumulations and higher accumulations. what we're looking at around half an inch with more of the bursts of snow throughout the entire day. as we get into moisture off the lake michigan, from the beginning of the weekend on saturday, you could see a couple of snow showers here and there, working through the area under mostly cloudy skies. and that may accumulate an additional half an inch to possibly an inch where we get the heavier snow showers. watch for lower visibility as we get to friday afternoon and friday evening. temperatures in the teens and get to 28 degrees. morning. best ns cha -- best chances later in the day. this weekend, starting off very cold. 26 on sunday. it's going to feel very
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36 on monday. this system is a bigger system. it's more potent. we will have a couple of areas of low pressure move through. models want to start to bring in a little bit of a chance for rain monday afternoon. we're going to have to watch, and it's going to kind of evolve over the weekend. make sure to stay tune for the forecast. it may switch for a lot of snow, to a little rain and a lot of snow. unfortunately. >> erica, thank you. local student shows off his skill, solving a rubix cube. >> watch the big bang theory at 8:00.
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. prison. 12 others are injured. five others are in critical condition. inmates set fire during the riot units. no escapes were reported. authorities say the fight, and
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pope francis is expected before the mexican prison. prison guards causing >> rjia. two of them were taking brides in drug trafficking. the latest for the feds to crack down. and most of those charged correctional officers, accused of green to protect the person, . and produce irs of star wars, force awakens, face cri critical charges for an accident that injured hans solo. he broke his leg, when he was struck by a hydraulic door. he needed surgery. production of the film was suspended because of the surgery. production, with health and safety laws. and coming at 6:00, mother shot to death in front of the young daughter. >> what detectives are doing to
5:57 pm
s s down. >> local woman start add program to help grieving parents bury their babies. the response, it's been overwhelming. how it's affecting parents in one local hospital. it's a breakthrough procedure that could make a big
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lose weight >> it's crazy for someone to take the baby.
6:00 pm
car, you know what i mean? they just shoot her and the baby there. the baby could have froze to death. anything. it's really sad. >> and shock and sadness of the murder of a young mother. very few answers tonight. brittany russel was shot in her car in the head several times. the middletown mother's baby was in the back seat. >> the killer was on the loose. larry davis looks at the investigation. >> once you play with the devil, you know, that's what you get, i guess. >> and jody sheik, brittany russel's life went into a downward spiral in the past year. she blames it all on brittany's use of drugs. russel once lived on sherman avenue, who remembers brittany russel before drugs. >> she had her life together. she had a place down there. she was taking care of her children. she was doing what she is supposed to do.


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